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Teaching Martial Arts from Home;  I understood I could reach a lot more people by documenting information "making learning DVD's" for students or people to learn "from the safety of their own home".  I understand if you want to be somebody in life, you need that "right angle"  that others look for?   Being able to teach "my something real" that is a part of Me (or America) took a long path! It takes Honor and Truthfulness!  It takes a team of great people in the same field to learn a real truth of a helpful need, ("the supporting or helping the interest")!  
 Some things I learned are very helpful and advanced, "BUT" some things you must respect if you want to be taught?  Martial Art people "train others to be good and helpful" sometimes you must personally know your students, or you should teach from a school?  I was able to learn a great deal from the industry because ""I was very very open"" and they got to know me well, so I was able to learn very advanced material from their e-mails, schools, magazines, or academy!! "That is who helped me "and who I help"! They only teach good people in a school the very advanced material, or people like me,""so I do the same out of respect"!   I answer many and all Questions, but some things you will only learn "or should be only taught" if you don't disrespect the industry people "or the industry"! You must be very open with who you are "and who you want to be".
  If you want to become part of the team for learning, my advice is to look up other schools that are very good: martialinfo.com, napma.com, blackbeltmag.com,  worldblackbelt.com,  tomcallos.com, taejoonlee.com , hwarangdo.net,  or warriorwiz.com, and there is many many more!   Dig for your info, be open in your writings, look for the red flags, and never stop trying to help others, and do good, others will like you "then you get taught"! 
  Ascap.com is another industry I fully support!  You will find the greatest and most "educated people" in the world, "that is why I say"  good music can't die! 
  "With my site", I try to teach others my kind of interests "and"  I also try to help the good others that help others".   The NRA and Glenn Beck are some of the best political leaders that do help others in different ways.   I write to these leaders "like the NRA and Glenn Beck" because "they look out for the best interests of the American people", and I feel they understands the bait and switch policy's of others who are not right (?).   I respect that the NRA fights to keep are gun rights "for the American people", so the people are always able to protect themself's "against some others evil"!  These other people help fight others that are not right, "they are just like my Martial Art friends", that is also why I list these political people on my site?  The best "political leaders" that I like are; Glenn Beck.com , frontporchpolitics.com , godfatherpolitics.com , nationalgunrights.org , patriotupdate.com , visiontoamerica.com, cowboybyte.com , just to name a few ! 


This is how I first started out, "it was showing" and documenting my interests! 
 I made over one hundred copies of this book, and sent out free copies to all the people I sent free tapes to?  I never ended up selling any copies, "I think it was because" I always gave them to everyone I knew, and I never advertized?   


 This is page 23 and 24 of the book, it reflects my start to the two sides of "tring to produce something different", others learn and see your interests?


 Documenting information "for entertainment" was my starting interest, "for helping others in the Martial Art Industry", it's on my tapes.  Others see the interest of what you are about!    


I went to the Martial Art shows and passed out tapes, I got involved with showing my interests "to develope a set of Martial Art tapes and books".  The top tape has music on it, and was made for entertainment with learning, to capture my interest! The tape underneath has no music on it, school teaching is very important, it's the two sides? 


"The other side" that the industry saw "and I saw" was "some of what I show and do" could be material that would be more helpful for schools.  The schools way of advanced teachings and learning is now being taught in schools "to asure only good people learn - that involve themselves with good behavor!  This is a school consern, not training the bad!


I understood my product would be better for schools, working with schools for the better. This is why others help me and guided me right to advance, because they see I want to do right?   I wanted to get my information into schools and library's, this is why the people help me?      If your "honest and caring" for what you do,  and you have a good interest,  you can do?


I made DVD's and "I made a journal" document how I interacted with people in the industry!   "My trick was" having an open trusted relationship so they understood "your and their interests" to help you or them understand the proper rights of showing "their helpful operation"  with allowing my interests to succeed?